MHRA CLDA Company-Led Drug Alert - Dopacard 50mg/5ml Concentrate for Solution in 5ml vials - Cephalon UK Limited - CLDA (14)A/16

Company-led recalls

15 September 2014
CLDA number: CLDA (14)A/16
MDR number: 22-09/14
Company name: Cephalon UK Limited
Product description: Dopacard 50mg/5ml Concentrate for Solution in 5ml vials, PL 16260/0023 (Dopexamine hydrochloride) 
Batch number/expiry: 225738E01, 31/10/2015
Brief description of problem:
Teva UK limited, on behalf of Cephalon UK Limited, is recalling the above batch because two vials within the batch were found to have a grey discolouration and did not, therefore, comply with the required specification.
Company contact for stock enquiries:
Teva UK Customer Service team
0800 590 502
Company contact for medical information enquiries:
Teva UK Limited
0207 5407 117

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